Hybrid Saddle

  • Comes in brown or natural
  • The flextree in this saddle produces a level seat allowing the rider to attain the rider’s groove and be completely balanced on the horse’s back.
  • All leather ground seat (which allows tree to flex correctly)
  • Poron cushioning on top of the ground seat (poron is a foam/rubber that never breaks down)
  • Flexibility
  • The leather is a very high quality, soft leather that is from either Horween Tannery Row Leather or Soft Wickett and Craig Leather. This leather is very durable and feels like your saddle has been broken in for years already on the first ride.
  • Forward hung swivel mounted stirrups that are mounted in two separate places to help keep the lower leg on and ride on your feet not on your seat.
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Product Description

Standard features

  • Double in skirt rigging (allows your leg to have closer contact to your horse)
  • Front rigging set in 7/8ths position
  • Two breast collar spots with rawhide reinforcements
  • Back flank cinch
  • Multiple D-rings (sides and crupper ring)
  • Bucking rolls
  • Night latch
  • Saddle strings
  • Felt or sheepskin underlining

No Charge Extras!!

  • Roper Girth
  • Stirrups
  • Breast collar
  • Running martingale
  • Crupper and crupper ring
  • Panel pad (100% natural wool with flexible dalrin panels)
  • D-rings on side and back
  • Scissor clip