Flextree Saddlery has been in the making for over 40 years. It all started when a young Rodger Davis inherited his grandfather's saddle after he passed away. Rodger's grandfather was a Canadian cowboy and put many, many miles in that saddle. Amazingly, this old relic fit most of the mustangs Rodger was starting in Nevada. He never understood until the day came to replace the worn out leather.

At that point, Rodger took the old leather off and planned to restore the saddle to its former glory. That’s when he discovered the answer as to why it fit so many horses. The tree was broken or cracked in at least four different places, allowing the saddle to slightly flex with the shape and movement of the horse. Thus, Flextree Saddlery was born.

Fast forward 40 years and Flextree Saddlery is now a reality. Along the way, Rodger mentored a young rider named Sarah Sanders, and she has helped with the development and the testing of the saddle. Her riding and training program is called Ride With Excellence and it is one of the most effective riding programs around today. With a Flextree Saddle and some lessons with Sarah, you can accomplish anything with your horse.


  • Rider balance is critical to safety and to the comfort and performance of the horse.
  • We achieve ideal balance by using an almost level, leather ground seat with little to no rise in the front, allowing for closer contact and the rider to move with the horse's forward motion.
  • The seat is padded with a shock absorbing material and covered with leather suede for a better grip.
  • Our expertly engineered saddles are finished with the finest vegetable-tanned leather by uncompromising craftsmen in two color choices - natural (undyed) or chocolate (brown).




Every one of our Flextree saddles are handcrafted with the most high quality products to ensure the best end result that puts the rider in the correct position in the rider's groove.



Flextree Saddlery also offers the best bridles, pads, bits, and anything else you might need to go along with your new Flextree saddle. All quality tested for thousands of miles across the country and made with the highest quality leather.



Any of our products at Flextree Saddlery can be 100% customized to your specifications. Some options you can choose from to personalize your new Flextree saddle are leather color, leather stamping and different stirrups. You can also add accessories such as a horn or conchos.