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Flextree Saddlery provides expertly-engineered saddles made by uncompromising craftsmen. Our saddle designs boast comfort for both horse and rider. Thinking about adding something special to your saddle? We can customize upon request. Simply let us know by clicking the contact button above!

Introducing the endurance lightweight saddle

Our saddle is great for the endurance rider, providing all the bells and whistles of a regular saddle at only 19 pounds (without the girth, breast collar, and stirrups). The Flexible Tree in this saddle provides a level seat, allowing you to attain the rider's groove, while remaining balanced on the horse's back.


We provide saddles with uncompromising quality...

Why choose a Flextree? Because rider balance is critical to the safety, comfort and performance of the horse. To achieve the ideal balance, we use an almost-level leather ground seat with little or no rise in the front, allowing for closer contact and the ability to sync with the horse’s forward motion. The seat is then padded with shock absorbing material and covered with leather suede for a better grip.

Our expertly-engineered saddles are finished with the finest vegetable-tanned leather by excellent craftsmen in two color choices — natural (undyed) or chocolate (brown).

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